Nearly three dozen gold shirt wearing Kentucky Disaster Relief volunteers have become a welcoming sight for the flood-soaked boroughs of Philadelphia.


It took some time, but God has opened doors in the Conshockocken borough, where 33 Kentucky volunteers are serving with flood recovery, feeding and sharing the gospel.


“The gold shirts have made an impact in the Conshohocken borough to those affected by the remnants of Hurricane Ida,” said KYDR Director Ron Crow. “What began as very reluctant to trust the gold shirts on the ground, has opened into a line of homeowners welcoming them to their street as they bring help, hope, and healing to this small section of town. They have laughed together, cried together, and heard the stories of the flood and how it impacted every home.”


KYDR volunteers did what they do best: They listened and loved on the people they are serving in Jesus name.


The flood recovery work can be some of the toughest, Crow said, but the teams have been working and connecting with the community. It has led to what they all wanted: gospel conversations.


On Tuesday, chaplain Teresa Beavers was able to lead one of the homeowners to the Lord. Margarite prayed to receive Christ and her husband Troy rededicated is life. “They both hope to get back in church and get baptized very soon,” Crow said.

Meet Margarita from Philadelphia who prayed yesterday to receive Christ. Here is her story.

When Kentucky Disaster Relief workers are on the scene, people notice. They work in tandem and groups, they do it with joy and they look for any way possible to share the gospel. While cleaning up a flooded out home means a lot to these homeowners, who perhaps began the week with new hope, hearing about the love of God is what will sustain then past these tragic days. 


And people in the community have noticed that there’s something different about these gold shirted team members who showed up and reached out their arms in ways they never thought possible.


“Our presence in Philadelphia has been well received throughout the area,” Crow said. “One group stopped in Panera Bread for lunch. One of the workers gave them a $30 gift card in appreciation for their work in Philadelphia.”


They have one flood recovery team from Kentucky and another from South Carolina working in the area. Several assessors from Kentucky and Maryland/Delaware are also on hand. There is also a small cooking team from both Kentucky and South Carolina, Crow said.


“KYDR continues to shine and share the light of Christ to a darkened world” he said.


Support for KYDR can be made at





KYDR will have a disaster relief training Saturday, Sept. 18, at Bowling Green and would welcome new volunteers. More information can be found at


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