'Yes for Life' campaign aims to mobilize pro-life Kentuckians

Addia Wuchner, executive director of Kentucky Right to Life, announces the launch of Yes for Life, an alliance advocating voters to pass a state amendment declaring that the Kentucky Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion or the funding of abortion. Standing with Wuchner at the Friday press conference were (back, from left) Angela Minter, president of Sisters for Life, David Walls, director of operations and policy at the Family Foundation of Kentucky, Todd Gray, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Jason Hall, executive director of the Catholic Conference League of Kentucky, and Richard Nelson, executive director of the Commonwealth Policy Center. (Kentucky Today/Robin Cornetet)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – The Yes for Life Alliance and campaign will be encouraging Kentuckians to have their voices heard at the ballot box in the coming days.

The campaign will raise  awareness for House Bill 91, a proposed Kentucky constitutional amendment stating that there is no right to abortion or right to abortion funding in the state.

It's important to mobilize pro-life Kentuckians to make their voices heard at the ballot box, said Addia Wuchner, president of the Yes for Life Alliance and the executive director of Kentucky Right to Life. Kentuckians can vote “yes for life” on Nov. 8, 2022.

“It couldn’t be more important to the future of this commonwealth and the future citizens of this commonwealth,”  Wuchner said. “By putting your values directly into the Kentucky constitution, we can prevent state judges from reading their own politics into law and misinterpreting what was the intent of the duly elected lawmakers.”

Founding members of the alliance include Kentucky Right to Life, Sisters for Life, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, Commonwealth Policy Center and The Family Foundation.

“We have assembled the strongest pro-life voices in Kentucky to lead this cause, but we need everyone’s help,” said Angela Minter, vice president of the alliance and president of Sisters for Life. “We need your help.”

While passing legislation is one way to preserve the values of pro-life Kentuckians, now citizens of the commonwealth will have the opportunity to vote pro-life values directly into state law.

“The issue of the sanctity of life is a foundational issue for all of us, regardless of our political affiliation, regardless of our religious affiliation—we all depend on the government protecting the sanctity of every human life,” said Richard Nelson, executive director of Commonwealth Policy Center. “We believe that amending the Kentucky Constitution preserves our democratic ideals by taking this out of the hands of unelected judges. We put it back into the hands of the people.”

State Rep. Joe Fischer, who sponsored House Bill 91, added that the best way to make public policy is to let citizens of the commonwealth decide whether or not they will support life.

“I’m proud to have sponsored this bill, but I’m more proud to give it to the people for a vote,” Fischer said.

David Walls, director of operations and policy at The Family Foundation, explained that abortion is an issue that resonates with families across the state—and that education about the value of life is crucial as the Yes for Life campaign moves forward.

“It’s vitally important here in the state of Kentucky that we make it crystal clear that the Kentucky constitution doesn’t provide the support for abortion or the funding for abortion,” said Walls.

“We believe that legalized abortion is one of the greatest human rights atrocities of our day,” added Todd Gray, executive director-treasurer of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. “We hope (Yes for Life) communicates that we care for the mother, we care for the family, but we also care for the unborn child.”

Jason Hall, executive director of the Catholic Conference of Kentucky, said that while the issue of abortion is important to people across the denominational spectrum, it’s not merely a faith issue.

“It’s about human dignity,” said Hall. “We want to reach out to all people of goodwill who are interested in this issue and open to protecting life, and of any faith and no faith. I think it’s important we stand together on that and its important to send that message right up front that everybody’s welcome as part of this campaign.”

For more information on the Yes for Life Alliance leading up to the November 2022 general election, visit yesforlifeky.com.

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