KBC annual meeting voting messengers

Schylar Fields, a messenger from Bruners Chapel in Harrodsburg, votes on a resolution presented at the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Elizabethtown on Tuesday. (Kentucky Today/Robin Cornetet)

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (KT) — Messengers at the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting approved five resolutions Tuesday — although one of the messengers argued that a stronger stance should be taken regarding abortion.

Messengers voted overwhelming to support a resolution on House Bill 91. That resolution expressed KBC’s “commitment to join ourselves together, in accordance with the revealed will of God through His Word, to focus our efforts to become a friend to the unborn with the ultimate goal of abolishing abortion in Kentucky.” It also called for a commitment to support “local and state political leaders who will be a friend of life, as they remain consistent to that conviction, and as they support this Constitutional Amendment.”

Darrick Holloman, pastor of High Point Baptist Baptist Church in Mayfield, urged messengers to not settle for incremental strategy in the fight against abortion.

“We’re not going to hear a resolution on abolition today,” he said. “HB 91 has the appearance of being courageous, but it puts the definition of life and preservation of it in the hands of voters.”

Holloman asked, “What are you going to do if (HB 91) is rejected? Why not do something now?”

Holloman added, “We need courage — to stand up for life. The voice of this convention needs to be stop. Repent. Quit murdering babies. We stand up for all life . . .  Roe V. Wade is not law and should be ignored. Let our voice to legislators be to stop (abortion) and stop it now.”

Ed Amundson, pastor of High Street Baptist Church in Somerset and chairman of the Resolutions Committee, explained “we believe abortion is reprehensible and contrary to the word of God.” He said that the resolution as presented would allow celebration of incremental victories in the battle against abortion. “The letter of the law is abolition — the spirit is to protect every child we can until abolition is achieved. We celebrate any action that will save any child’s life.”

In addition to the routine resolution expressing appreciation to the host church and city, other resolutions approved were:

• On abortion. Noting the estimated 61 million-plus unborn children who have been aborted since the 1973 legalization of abortion and citing the clear and consistent biblical truth that human life is a special and unique creation of God, the resolution calls for focusing efforts to become a friend to the unborn with the ultimate goal of abolishing abortion in Kentucky. It also calls for building awareness among Kentucky Baptists about the practice of abortion, what is not abortion as well as alternatives to abortion.

• On calling out the called: The resolution, labeled as the motto of the 184th Annual Meeting, points out that many Kentucky Baptist church are having great difficulty filling bivocational pastorate positions, and calls for Kentucky Baptists to embrace the three-year “Calling out the Called” focus with the primary goal of raising up local men to fill bivocational pastorates and to faithfully pray that the Lord would send laborers into His harvest.

• On the gift of the evangelist: Citing Eph. 4:11 that the New Testament affirms the gift of the evangelist, the resolution calls for messengers to affirm the ministry of the evangelist as a gift to the church. Also, the resolution expresses the “desire to see churches utilize the gift of the evangelist through revival meetings, evangelism training seminars, focused evangelistic outreaches and other Great Commission opportunities.”

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