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Paul Worcester, the national collegiate director at the North American Mission Board, presents striking statistics of Gen Z lostness and calls on Kentucky Baptists to boldly reach young people with the gospel. (Kentucky Today/Robin Cornetet)

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (KT) — College campuses are the best place to reach people for Christ, said Paul Worcester, national collegiate director of the North American Mission Board.

That is true even though the statistics regarding Gen Z are dire — of the 72 million in that demographic, 57.6 million are spiritually lost.

“They suffer from addiction and hopelessness. A third of college students are binge drinking and one out of five is using drugs. Cell phones are wreaking havoc on the souls of this generation. 89 percent of Christian college young men admitted to using pornography at least once a week.”

Worcester said there are three reasons college campuses are ripe for awakening and revival:

• Students are incredibly open.

• They have time and the desire to be discipled and trained as leaders.

• They can become a leadership pipeline for church planting and missions.

“We need another great awakening — another great revival. God is moving across our country. God is moving in revival power.”

He observed that in 1966 a Time magazine cover carried the title “Is God Dead?” In 1971 a cover was “The Jesus Revolution.” What happened between 1966 and 1971? God showed up, in the most unlikely places among the most unlikely people.”

Worcester cited three keys for revival and awakening …

• Desperate and diligent prayer.

• Bold and broad evangelism.

• Deep and personal discipleship.

“The soul of a whole generation is hanging in the balance. Christian leaders — don’t get sidetracked.”