Details for Kentucky WMU in Louisville, KY., is seeking a Financial Coordinator


Position Title: Financial Coordinator


The Financial Coordinator is primarily responsible for coordinating, maintaining, and processing all business, financial, and accounting information of Kentucky WMU. This position also includes some elements of an HR generalist in relation to administering pay, benefits, and enforcing company policies.  


  • Christian, active member of a Southern Baptist Convention church
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Programs including Word, Excel, Power Point, or a similar program or similar Data analytics skills
  • Minimum education: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance, or related field.
  • 2-3 years of experience as General Ledger and Accounting
  • Knowledge of non-profit work preferred
  • Requires strong interpersonal communication skills both written and verbal

Specific Responsibilities

General Ledger

  1. Serve as general ledger manager for Kentucky WMU. Organize, coordinate, administer, and evaluate the business and financial affairs of Kentucky WMU.
  2. Perform and/or direct the data entry and processing of all business, financial, accounting information; including weekly accounts payable and check printing.
  3. In consultation with the ED-T, develop and evaluate accounting and financial policies,procedures, and systems to meet the changing needs of Kentucky WMU. Present recommendations for approval by the Kentucky WMU Executive Board. Guide financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing policies and procedures.  
  4. Provide in accordance with approved procedures and on a timely basis, reports which reflect the financial status of Kentucky WMU; analyze and interpret the data.
  5. Assure that the entire cash management operation is in accord with the Business and Financial Plan of WMU; maintain records related to the Plan; and recommend revisions.
  6. Coordinate with the ED-T the preparation, analysis, publication, and presentation of the annual detailed budget of Kentucky WMU. Achieve budget objectives by scheduling expenditures; analyzing variances; assisting in corrective actions. Advise ministry staff in submitting their budget requests and revise according to financial affairs of Kentucky WMU.
  7. Monitor the Kentucky WMU purchasing system in accordance with approved procedures.
  8. Arrange for an annual audit of Kentucky WMU with an outside accounting firm. Prepare and provide the worksheets and analytical schedules of all accounts in connection with the audit. Arrange for auditors to give a report at the Kentucky WMU Executive Board Winter Meeting.  
  9. Maintain a fixed assets inventory.
  10. Serve as liaison with Kentucky Baptist Foundation in reviewing investment management services provided by KBF to Kentucky WMU.
  11. Develop, implement, direct, and evaluate a records management policy for Kentucky WMU.
  12. Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning financial tasks to the financial assistant; following up on work results.
  13. Attend meetings and participate in training as required.
  14. Protects operations by keeping financial information and plans confidential.
  15. Maintain current knowledge of the work of Kentucky WMU.

HR/Benefits Coordinator 

  1. Administer the human resources function for the Kentucky WMU office, including: compensation and benefits plans; maintain accurate/complete/ current employee records; orient all new personnel concerning compensation and benefits/Kentucky WMU financial procedures and forms; serve as liaison with GuideStone Financial Services concerning retirement and group insurance plans; direct the processing of payroll and all required reports.  
  2. Provide employees with a statement of compensation on an annual basis.
  3. Process semi-monthly payroll.
  4. In consultation with the EDT, identify and locate a comprehensive HR and payroll software for on-demand needs of Kentucky WMU. Maintain employee-managed data through software.  
  5. Provide and present employees with information regarding medical, dental, vision benefit changes as needed.
  6. Provide for the safekeeping of Kentucky WMU personnel files.
  7. In consultation with the ED-T, design, implement, and continually improve a sound risk management program, including and adequate program of property, casualty, liability, and other needed forms of insurance.  
  8. Facilitate and maintain policies for a safe environment; sexual, emotional, or physical harassment. Facilitate background checks and safety requirements for Kentucky WMU staff and volunteers, when appropriate. Utilize Protect My Ministry services for delegating safety trainings.  
  9. In collaboration with the ED-T, implement staff development/learning plans. Guide staff in enrolling in staff improvement programs, special training at the expense of Kentucky WMU.
  10. Be responsible for the maintenance and streamlining of financial files and follow-up with the records retention policies.

*Task denotes essential function of the job.

General Responsibilities 

  1. Operate all office equipment and assist other office staff as needed.
  2. Maintain compliance with Kentucky WMU policies and procedures. Maintain compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements.
  3. Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing publications; establishing personal networks.
  4. Attend and participate in such meetings, in consultation with the ED-T, including but not limited to: varying committees of the Kentucky Executive Board, WMU, SBC: Annual meeting; January Board Meeting; training events and conference; Southern Baptist Convention: respective convention-wide communities (NAMB, IMB, Lifeway); and Kentucky Baptist Convention: Annual Meeting; training and conferences.
  5. Maintain strict confidence in all matters.


DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Executive Director-Treasurer