Details for Ormsby Heights Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., is seeking a children’s pastor


Ministry Overview:  The Children and Families Pastor is called by God to lead the church to make disciples of children (birth-5th grade) by reaching, nurturing, and equipping children in the gospel.  In order to accomplish this task the Children’s Pastor and the church must partner with parents/guardians/schools to effectively build and sustain a children’s ministry which impacts the families and the community at large.

Ministry Expectations:


  • The minister must demonstrate a vibrant devotional life by cultivating his personal relationship with God through regular daily Bible reading and prayer.
  • The minister must fulfill responsibilities to his family.
  • The minister must be an example of evangelistic fervor to the church by intentionally building relationships with the unchurched and looking for opportunities to share the gospel, particularly with children and families.
  • The minister must be an example to the church by practicing biblical stewardship of his finances in tithing and giving.


  • The minister will shepherd the children under their care by building relationships with them, understanding their world, and leading them to a relationship with Christ.
  • The minister will faithfully teach the Word of God to the children under their ministry with passion, conviction, and clarity.
  • The minister will build a team of adult children’s ministry volunteers by enlisting, equipping, and empowering them to minister to children.
  • The minister will seek to build relationships with children, parents/guardians, school administrators/teachers/coaches, and people in the community in order to influence children in the area toward a vibrant relationship with Christ.


  • In cooperation with the pastor, the minister will oversee all children’s ministry programming and provide oversight to all children’s ministry leaders in each ministry/program to ensure a unity or purpose.
  • In cooperation with the pastor, coordinate an overall children’s curriculum plan for the church, leading to properly sequenced, balanced, and comprehensive Christian discipleship for children from birth to 5th grade.
  • The minister will work to assemble and direct a children’s ministry leadership team to provide an annual ministry plan and budget to the pastor and the ministry steering committee.
  • Coordinate programming and events for children, for parents of children related to their parenting roles, and for parents and children combined, so that all may carry out the functions of the church together.
  • Coordinate planning to ensure children experience authentic worship personally, with the children’s ministry, and with the full church body.
  • Coordinate children’s ministry communication and promotion plans in concert with ministry staff and ministry teams.
  • Coordinate planning to ensure children experience true fellowship within the entire church family.


  • The minister will champion the vision and direction of the church.
  • The minister will make hospital visits and other visits as assigned by the pastor.
  • The minister will perform other duties not named above as asked or assigned by the pastor.
  • The minister will carry himself in a manner consistent with the principles of Scripture and with that of the policies and procedures provided for the staff by the personnel team of the church.

To be considered for this opportunity, submit your resume by email to the Personnel Team Chairperson @


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