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Kentucky Today launched over a year ago with one mission. Make sure the 1 million Kentuckians who identify themselves as Southern Baptists are informed about what's going on in the world around them.

In short order, we realized the interest in an online newspaper with a decidedly conservative editorial voice went far beyond Kentucky's Baptist population. We've been delighted by the interest in Kentucky Today from conservatives of every kind, from every corner of the state.

The changing landscape of modern journalism ultimately made the creation of Kentucky Today essential. Traditional newspapers continue to shrink in both size and circulation, and Kentuckians have had to navigate their way through what might best be described as a maze of competing (and sometimes unreliable) voices in an attempt to stay informed.

They needed a credible source of information.

With Kentucky Today, readers find the latest news in state government and politics, courtesy of our Frankfort reporter Tom Latek, a veteran journalist with some 40 years in the business. They also find a full slate of world, national and other state news thanks to our affiliation with The Associated Press, the world's largest newsgathering operation and the gold standard in journalism.

Readers can find the latest business, sports, and even entertainment news through Kentucky Today, because, to engage the world, our readers need to know what's going on in the world. We strive to give readers fair, balanced and accurate accounts of the good and the bad news of the day.

Like any good newspaper, there's also commentary that helps our readers make sense of what's going on around them. In our Perspectives section, readers find a consistent conservative voice, one that has been largely lacking for generations on a statewide level.

We're pleased with our success thus far, but we also realize we haven't nearly reached our potential as Kentucky's defender of conservative ideas. Keep in mind, Kentucky Today is operating on a very different model from traditional newspapers, which rely on advertising revenue and subscriptions for funding.

Kentucky Today opted to go an entirely different route. We provide all our stories at absolutely no charge to our readers. There's no paywall. No pop-ups. No subscriptions. Just lots of informative articles.

So, how can we do that? Because of people who love our country, love Kentucky, and do not want to see them changed into something they no longer recognize.

We're dependent on people who believe there's great value in helping to ensure that Kentuckians are well informed. We're dependent on people who are willing to make tax-deductible contributions through our owner, the Kentucky Baptist Convention, to cover our operational costs.

If you realize the value of an informed citizenry and would like to help with the costs of publishing Kentucky Today, we would welcome your partnership.

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