FIRST PERSON: It's fall y'all, enjoy it now



It was Christmas Eve.  She’d been traveling for hours and had more to go.  Her dog, feeling her unease, jumped from the front seat to the back.  While some wished for a white Christmas, she did not.  The flakes fell, increasing her tension as each mile passed.


Suddenly, she hit a slick spot.  Steering feverishly she became stuck right in the middle of traffic.  Cars were everywhere!  Horns blowing!  Was this how she was going to die?  On Christmas Eve?  There was nothing to do but cry.  The tears gushed.  Snot dripped from her nose. 


And then…there was a knock on her window.  Help was already there!


That’s just like my Savior.  It’s a “Jesus Take the Wheel” moment like Carrie Underwood sang about.  You’re down and out, sure you are un-helpable and alone…and then there’s a knock on the window, or the Red Sea has parted, the lion’s mouth was shut or you were rescued.


 It was the same Christmas Eve.  A night of games and Chinese food had been planned.  Before we got started, my son, Matthew, got a call from his good friend, Nathan.  He needed help.  Nathan’s daughter, Taylor, had gone off the road on the Mountain Parkway due to the snow.  She was OK, just  shaken up.  Grabbing his coat and beanie, Matthew told us he was leaving.  He was going with Nathan and would drive Taylor’s car back.  They would be home about midnight.  Nathan arrived within minutes in a big truck with big tires. 


The snow poured.  Roads were covered.  Driving was treacherous.  Our hearts were heavy as we watched them drive away.


On the now dangerous Parkway, traffic was slow.  Many drivers were not used to navigating in the snow.  An hour in, as they neared Taylor, they saw a car ahead of them swerve and become stuck.  Yes, they were already on a mission.  Yes, they were going to collect Nathan’s scared daughter.  But they could still help someone on the way.


Stopping the truck, both men hopped out into the snow.  As he sloshed toward the vehicle, my son wished he had grabbed his boots.  Finally reaching the car, Nathan knocked on the window.


Tears gushed and snot dripped from the young woman’s nose.  “I just want to get HOME!” she cried.


After some serious, slippery pushing, the young woman was on her way.  The guys hurried back to the truck to get Taylor.


Everyone got home safely - Praise the Lord! -at almost 1 a.m.  I dozed on the couch, waiting for Matthew’s return.             

I marveled as he told me they had helped someone else on their way.  It was such a “Hands of Jesus” moment!  Such a Good Sam story!


I don’t know the tear-gushing, snot-dripping young woman’s name or whole story-but have been there.  I hope she remembers that God was watching over her and sent someone to her when she was in great need.


I am encouraged by the two guys in the truck:  Nathan and Matthew.  I don’t want to be so focused on where I am going that I don’t see people in need on my way.  Leaving 2020 and going into a New Year, it will be a good plan for me to look outward instead of just what is going on inside my own home, with my own family.


God’s Word shares many verses about helping others and doing good deeds: Galatians 6:2, Matthew 5:16, Matthew 22:39, Ephesians 2:10.  None of these are greater than the voice of Jesus Himself:  “My command is this:  Love each other as I have loved you,” John 15:12.

Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor's wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at  

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