Beautiful are the feet


Summer and sandal season have me re-thinking Isaiah 52:7, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…”  No doubt, the “good news” is Jesus and God’s love, but “beautiful feet?”  For real?

I try to share the good news, but my feet aren’t even cute.  They are wider than they used to be due to an infatuation with “Earth Shoes” in the 1970s.  On one foot, my toes spread apart in what I’m sure is a hereditary trait.  On the other, my second toe sort of hangs over my big toe in an unglamorous way.  After online research, my beloved calls it my hammer toe, but I really think it’s arthritis.

Speaking of my beloved.  He LOVES to share the good news.  His feet are…well, he’s flat-footed.  While I adore them now, after the first sight of said flat-feet when we started dating, I had to work through some things. 

When I think of the people in my life who have brought me the good news, now I’m pondering their feet.  Bro. Bob Norman brought good news of the gospel to our house in Jerry Bottom of Huddy, Kentucky, in August of 1971.  (I was probably wearing Earth Shoes.)  My sister and I gave our hearts to Jesus that day!  I never got a good look at his feet.

Rev. Thurmond Coleman, pastor at Jeffersontown Baptist for decades, was my beloved’s first mentor.  Talk about some good news!  He brought it loud and clear and usually added a song!  Praise the Lord for our Bro. Thurmond!  He always wore dress shoes so I never saw his toes.

God called Steve Rice to be our pastor around 1991.  He brought with him a crazy thing called an NIV Bible.  Good news was proclaimed all over!  The Lord used Bro. Steve to get us involved in serving at church and then serving on mission trips.  It changed our lives!  I’m sure I saw his feet at times, but don’t recall their beauty.

Todd Gray, executive director/treasurer of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, and Paul Chitwood, now president of the International Mission Board, are two of the best good news sharers I know, working Jesus into conversation with any stranger, anywhere!  They both led revival services at our church in the past.  We feasted on the Word every night!  They always had shoes on, so I have no clue about their podiatric status.

Add to them Dan Garland … LifeWay retiree, former evangelism director of the KBC, mentor of my beloved, treasured friend and one of my favorite preachers.  Another super guy and all, but beautiful feet?

What about the apostle Paul who wrote most of the New Testament?  Sharing good news was his passion!  His feet carried him along dusty, rocky roads through miles and miles of missionary journeys, stonings, floggings and a shipwreck!  I’m picturing dry and crusty feet with callouses!  (He might have even had a hammer toe, like me!) 

If we include “singing good news” then I must add Jason (Bubba) Stewart!  When he sings, it blesses into the bone marrow!  If “writing good news” is incorporated, that will involve all the folks at Kentucky Today! 

Luke 2:10 shares the story of unsuspecting shepherds who received the best announcement mankind had ever heard and it changed their lives: “The angel said to them, ‘I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people.  Today … a Savior has been born to you...’” 

As followers of Christ, let’s be busy today sharing the good news of Jesus.  There’s never been a better time.  There’s never been a bigger need. 

He will give us the words to say and He will direct our feet - beautiful or not.

Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor's wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at    


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