Church care ministry vital to communities


Dear Governor Beshear,

Thank you for your tireless efforts, and those of your leadership team, to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus and ultimately save lives in Kentucky. I can assure you that Kentucky Baptists are praying daily that God will supply you with needed wisdom for decision-making and strength and stamina for the duration of this pandemic.

As a convention of 2,360 churches that serves nearly 750,000 Kentuckians, we are striving to comply, as Scripture dictates in Romans 13:1-5, with not only your executive orders but also your heartfelt requests. Thank you for your leadership.

As you are finalizing your list of essential and non-essential services to remain open for business in the days ahead, I want to make the case for including church offices on that list.

While most every Kentucky Baptist church has ceased their corporate gatherings for the immediate future, all have not closed their church offices. Many are asking for a clear interpretation of your view of their work.

Here are three reasons I feel why they need to remain open during our state’s response to this pandemic:

  1. To serve our most vulnerable and marginalized populous: Most Kentucky Baptist churches have some sort of ministry where they provide food and hygiene items at no charge to the population in their community. The resources they provide are staples to help impoverished families survive an immediate, or long-term, financial setback. There are thousands of residents of the commonwealth being served by these churches and these benevolent services will be essential during this pandemic.

  2. To provide hot meals for children and families: Many of our Kentucky Baptist churches provide hot meals for families and children in their communities regularly or on occasion. It is likely that the need for this service will increase in the days ahead. These meals are needed year-round and will be needed even more in our present circumstances.

  3. To prepare for the live-streaming of worship services: One thing that Kentuckians need today is hope. Kentucky Baptist churches are bringing hope to hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians through the live-streaming, or video recordings, of their church worship services. Most every one of these services is following the mandates of safe social distancing, according to your guidelines. Most of our pastors are not able to provide these same services from their homes. For many Kentuckians, this will be essential for their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being through the days to come.

Governor Beshear, I submit this request to you respectfully on behalf of 2,360 Kentucky Baptist churches. Clear communication from you addressing these concerns would be very helpful to the pastors and church leaders who are doing their best to follow your leadership as they serve their communities.

Thank you for considering this request. Please know that I am praying for you daily.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Todd Gray
Executive Director-Treasurer for Kentucky Baptist Convention


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