Clear Creek thrift store has been giving for 85 years


PINEVILLE, Ky. (KT) – The thrift store at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is a place of history and kindness and it is the oldest and one of the most essential buildings for the students on the campus.

The store provides an opportunity for students to acquire dress clothing for the ministry at a price they won’t find anywhere else. For instance, students can buy a pair of shoes, socks, ties, dress shirts, sport coats, or a suit for only 25 cents.

Alumni of Clear Creek and friends of the Bible college know of the thrift store’s value – many of them have taken advantage of it themselves when they attended – and are quick to provide donations of clothing and other items to keep it going. They could recite stories of how the thrift store kept them well dressed as they began to go into churches to preach the gospel. It has been a lifesaver for many who have lived on the campus.

Many students who come to Clear Creek are financially burdened and do not have the money to buy dress clothes. Suits and dress clothes for ministers can be costly, but because of the giving hearts of these people, Clear Creek can sell clothing to a student for only a quarter.

Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, located in the hills of Appalachia, also receives support from the Kentucky Baptist Convention through the Cooperative Program.

Dr. L.C. Kelly, the college’s founder and first president, once said, “Surely God must have made this beautiful spot for the moral and spiritual benefit of the mountain people.” Wandering the campus at Clear Creek, the manifestation of that vision can be seen through the classroom buildings, the library, the housing and dormitories. After crossing he archaic swinging bridge, a small stone building can be seen.

Built in 1935, this is the oldest building on Clear Creek’s campus. Having stood through the days of the Great Depression, World War II, and many other events in history, the building has served Clear Creek first as an administration building, and now serves as a thrift store for the students on campus. 

The Bible says, “But if anyone has this worlds goods, and sees his brother and fellow believer in need, yet closes his heart of compassion against him, how can the love of God live and remain in him?”

All the money collected from the thrift store is taken into the Agape Fund, an account established by the student body and is used for emergency financial needs that students may have.

COLLIN COOTS is a junior at Clear Creek Bible College.


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Esther Bailey

This building also holds another great memory, that of the GA house. During the years 1964-1972, this building housed the meetings of the Clear Creek GAs. Our leader was Miss Starkey who also taught English at the school. Many good memories were there, some of the best were when visiting foreign missionaries would come and talk to us about their journeys. (My father was Rev. LeRoy Peterson, a teacher at Clear Creek. Feel free to contact me for any other information. Thanks for the article.)

Monday, July 13

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