Former state rep. says he will take on McConnell in primary


FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) -  He doesn’t have a Democratic opponent yet, but U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell faces opposition in next May’s GOP Primary from former State Rep. C. Wesley Morgan of Richmond.

Morgan announced his run during a Tuesday appearance on the “Hey Kentucky” TV show, hosted by Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio, who has often said he is considering seeking the Democratic nomination for the Senate.

When asked by Jones what made him decided to do it, Morgan replied with a reference to this year’s Kentucky Derby, “Well, Country House was a 65-1 shot, and you never know that Mitch may be another Maximum Security.”

Morgan continued on a more serious note, “By being in Washington as long as he has, with all the corruption going on, I just don’t see how he gets around not being exposed for something before it’s over.”

When pressed on his statements that McConnell is corrupt, Morgan said, “He will wet his finger, stick it in the air and whichever way the wind is blowing, is which way he goes.”

He cited President Donald Trump as an example.  “Mitch was totally anti-Donald Trump all the way up until Trump won.  Trump wins, and all of a sudden he looks at the polls in Kentucky and sees that Donald Trump has a 61 percent approval rating, and his is 33 percent.  So what does he do?  He starts becoming Donald Trump’s best buddy.”

Morgan pointed out he didn’t always feel that way. “I voted for Mitch every single time he’s run, with one exception: that’s when Matt Bevin ran against him in 2014,” he said.  “I think everyone is about fed up with Mitch.  We need new blood.”

Morgan acknowledges McConnell will fight hard during the primary campaign, “But I’m 69 years old.  If he wants to come after an old man like me, then I’ll go after an old man like him.”

He also said it’s time for a change.  “It reaches a certain point where these people think they have become our anointed leaders, and no one can do anything without their blessing.  It’s almost like the mafia.  I just think it’s time for him to go out and let us get us get something else going.”

Morgan has not yet filed with either the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance or the Secretary of State’s office but has registered C. Wesley Morgan for Kentucky with the Federal Election Commission.


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