‘From the Beginning’ podcast debuts with children in mind


BAGDAD, Ky. (KT) – Seth York kept asking why it seemed nobody had put together a good Christian podcast for children.

His own children liked podcasts and listened regularly to those that revolved around history. But when it came to Christian stories for children, on their level, he searched and searched but couldn’t find any that he thought were of high quality.

“There were some reading stories for babies, ones like that,” he said. “The world, the secular world, has a ton of resources for kids and the Christian community has a lot too, just not in that realm.”

York said he couldn’t find a high-quality Bible-based podcast geared specifically to children. “Somebody needs to make a podcast for kids that is thoughtful and biblical without making it seem like fairy tales. Somebody ought to do this,” he kept complaining to his family and others.

His search was frustrating to him until his wife, Candice, and 9-year-old daughter, Stella, stated the obvious: Why don’t you do one?

York, who works with Crossings as the associate property director for Cedarmore and is a deacon at Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, enlisted his oldest daughter Stella to help him with it and they began to run with it.

“With the quarantine, there was no better time to begin,” he said. “We started a podcast. I wanted it to be initially engaging, equipping and narrative driven. I was asking Stella what we should name it and how we should do it. She said, ‘I think we should just start from the beginning.'"

And the “From the Beginning” podcast was born. They have incorporated music, sound effects and pleasing narrative between Seth and Stella. His 7-year-old son, Hershael, participated in the third one. It has become a family adventure.

“We started in Genesis,” said York, whose father is Dr. Hershael York of Buck Run Baptist Church and a professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. “The story of creation was fun to make especially with the sound effects.”

The response has been good. The Sojourn Church found the podcast and is now hosting it on its website.

“We’ve had several emails, including several of the college students who worked with Crossings, writing and saying, ‘Hey, I’m listening to this.’ Our first episode was like a trial in radio production. We emphasized the sound effects a lot.”

The narrative between Seth and Stella gives the podcast a sense of wonder and excitement. They work well with each other and Stella asks some thought-provoking questions.  Dad works well through the innocence of the children in making it an enjoyable listening experience. And, even if nobody else is listening, his family does. They set up the “Alexa” so that the kids can say, “Alexa, play From the Beginning.”

“They really think they’ve arrived because of that,” York said.

Listen to “From the Beginning” at gospelcenteredfamily.com


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