‘God’s Ordinary Giants’ offers challenges and motivation


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – Throughout Dr. French Harmon’s successful ministry, he marveled at how the ordinary person could be used in extraordinary ways for the cause of Christ. It happened time after time.

Harmon’s new book, God’s Ordinary Giants, takes a deeper look into how God used ordinary men in the New Testament to literally turn the world upside down and how that same plan continues today. He uses many of his own experiences and sermons to frame the subject. The book lends itself well to a small group Bible study.

“I was trying to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to others through His Word and some of my experiences,” Harmon said. “It’s more devotional in nature.”

It is the first book that Harmon has written and may not be the last, although nothing is on the drawing board right now. He had finished the book during his last year as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Somerset. Harmon is currently the president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation.

While the work on the book was completed and originally scheduled for release last fall, he delayed it until spring because he didn’t want to send it out in the middle of the pandemic.

The book is personal with examples of how an ordinary person was used by God just as He used the apostles. “We all need to use our gifts and you will be blessed if you do,” he said. “It’s about faithfulness and being obedient to His calling on your life. Are you willing to be used? Men and women in the New Testament were used by God. They allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them.”

God’s Ordinary Giants is inspirational and motivational as Harmon uses his writing skills to push readers to consider their own lives and how they can impact the kingdom.

“Those who made a great impact in the New Testament were people like fishermen; they were as ordinary as they come, and they turned the world upside down,” he said. “I’ve seen individuals in communities – not just pastors – but leaders, coaches and teachers who change their part of the world. That’s what we’re called to do. None of us are going to be Billy Graham. But a lot of people can be an influence in a Sunday school class, or a small group, or coaching boys and girls. There’s a lot of people who do it really well.”

The book underscores the importance of serving and having a servant’s heart. Harmon’s writing challenges the reader, and each chapter concludes with some probing questions to answer. Several churches have contacted him about using Ordinary Giants as a Bible study, he said.

Harmon has served as pastor in several parts of Kentucky and is well known in Kentucky Baptist circles. He has worked with pastors in small churches and mega-churches and has found ordinary people doing extraordinary things in all walks of the Christian life.

“The pastors I worked with in eastern Kentucky, they are just as good as gold,” he said. “They’re conducting Wednesday night services and nobody is coming en masse. They’re there with 15 to 20 people. There are no small churches. God uses every one of them. A lot of the churches that make up Kentucky are small churches. We do have mega-churches and praise God for them. There are so many small churches in rural areas who are just serving.”

Those are the ordinary giants of the area who are serving in extraordinary ways, he said.

Harmon said he spent last weekend with Dr. Paul Chitwood, president of the International Mission Board, and they talked about the many missionaries who continued serving during the pandemic because of the calling God placed on their lives.

God’s Ordinary Giants
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