In their words: Oneida grads on facing and overcoming difficulties


Many Oneida Baptist Institute students face and overcome difficulties. Praise the Lord for ordaining and sustaining a place like OBI to help kids do just that! The following are comments from some of our Class of 2021 graduates.

“OBI has been the only home that I've known, and I appreciate all that this school has done for me. It has been an amazing place to grow up in and it has given me the opportunity to make friends from all around the world.”

“I appreciate the many staff members who helped me become the person I am today. They contributed greatly to my academic development and success.”

“I don't think I can sum up 12 years of my life at Oneida in two or three sentences, but I will say it changed my life and gave me many opportunities.”

“OBI taught me to be independent. It was a great place for me.”

“My time at OBI will always hold a special place in my heart. I grew up here and OBI has helped me become the person I am today. I have also made lifelong friends here and for that I am forever grateful.”

“My time at OBI, although very brief, has been an important benchmark in my life that I will always look back on and never forget.”

“When I first started out, I was scared. My mom was telling me how perfect this place was going to be. At first, I didn't see how this place could be perfect, but over time I realized this was my second home, my OBI family. Without this place, my life would have fallen apart.”

“Before I came to OBI at the beginning of 2020, I was homeschooled my whole life. It was a hard, new experience for me socially, but I am glad I stuck with it. I have made many new friends and joined sports. Before OBI I had never been on a sports team, but I really enjoyed it.”

“As soon as I arrived at OBI, I experienced a warm welcome from the school and teachers.  I have made some very good friendships with international students.”

“When I first came to Oneida, I was this angry little kid who didn't need help from anyone. As I grew older, I realized that I will be forever grateful for everyone who stuck with me through all the ups and downs.”

“At OBI, I learned how to become a better person and not to rely on others to do work for me. I also learned new skills such as welding, farming and how to build better friendships.”

“My time at OBI has been full of growth and has been a great place to get wisdom from teachers for my path in life. Although I've only been here for two years, OBI has a special place in my heart and has really given me a second chance in life. I know that God has a plan for my life and OBI is my stepping-stone to that.”

“My time at OBI has been such a blessing. It has shown me what it was like to be loved in a Christ-like manner, and how to love others in the same way.”

Thank you for helping our young people be more than conquerors!


Larry Gritton is president of Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Ky.


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