KBC leader says sports wagering no safe bet for Kentucky


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director-Treasurer Dr. Todd Gray is urging Kentuckians to call their legislators and tell them they oppose gambling.

Gray breaks down the reasons that Kentucky Baptists oppose gambling in any form on the video that can be seen by clicking HERE.

“There’s no doubt that Kentucky has needs, no doubt Kentucky has revenue needs,” he said. “But gambling is not the answer. Gambling will hurt our citizens.”

House Bill 137, which allows sports wagering, made it through committee by a 18-0 vote and now heads to the House floor. If the measure passes the House and Senate, then gamblers could even legally bet on college sports played here in Kentucky.

Gov. Andy Beshear applauded the bill and asked the General Assembly to take even more action to expand gambling during his State of the Commonwealth address on Jan. 14.

Gray offered three reasons the group is opposed to gambling. He believes gambling opposes a strong work ethic, violates the principle of contentment and it violates the principle of responsible government. The three reasons were portions of a resolution to oppose gambling passed by the group at their annual meeting in Lexington on November 12, 2019.

While Gray says he recognizes that some people see gambling as a method of entertainment, he believes brings more harm than good to society. “We’re much better off to have a society in Kentucky that values work,” Gray said, “Work brings dignity.”

He says gambling promotes a “something for nothing” mentality and creates avenues for government to prey on citizens rather than protect them.

The bill calls for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to oversee sports betting.

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