Ky. Baptist church reaching out to employees of restaurant fire


BUTLER, Ky. (KT) – A Kentucky Baptist church is reaching out to employees of a restaurant that burned to the ground early Tuesday.

Pendleton Hills restaurant at the Pendleton Hills Country Club was a total loss, according to firefighters. No one was injured in the blaze that was reported after 2:30 a.m.

Trinity Southern Baptist Church Pastor Abram Crozier referred to the fire as “heartbreaking” and called on the church to help employees by donating gift cards.

The church and restaurant have built a strong partnership, the pastor said, especially during the pandemic. Trinity wanted to feed first responders and essential workers, and the restaurant helped to make that happen by keeping costs down, he said.

“For us, they were so helpful and affordable, and they’re just a staple in our community,” he said. “I was devasted about it. Our immediate thing right now is to collect gift cards and give them to the employees. As soon as we find out what the other needs are for them, we’ll adjust.”

Crozier said it was even closer to home after a Vacation Bible School experience. A Trinity member invited a family to VBS and recently helped the mother of that family land a job at the restaurant.

“That brought it home to us even more,” he said. “We’ve been using the restaurant for a good year, and they’ve been great partners with us.”

He said they have always meant a lot to the community. When the Pendleton County softball team went to the state tournament this spring, they held a banquet for them at the restaurant.

“Very, very involved in the community,” Crozier said. “They’ve helped us and a lot of others be able to serve the community. Now it’s our turn to help them.”

The pastor sent a message to the congregation asking them to donate gift cards at the church.

Rob Braun with Pendleton County Fire Department said the cause of the fire is unclear but the building is a total loss.

The owner of the club, David Day, told WLWT in Cincinnati he will be rebuilding. He said the fire suppression system had just been checked two days ago.


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