Love Loud back to in-person projects for tri-county communities


GLASGOW, Ky. (KT) – Love Loud has been the hands of and feet of Jesus in Barren, Hart and Metcalfe Counties for the past nine summers.

Even last year, when a full-blown pandemic halted almost everything, Love Loud was still spreading love in the communities it serves. Of the 260 students who registered and paid last year, 220 of them donated their registration fee.

The donations allowed the Love Loud organizers to purchase $2,000 worth of diapers and car seats for a pregnancy center, paid three months rent for Next Step, a gospel benevolence hub, and bought Chick-fil-A meals for an entire hospital of 600 employees.

“We had already done tons of prep,” said Jordie Woodie, the associate pastor at Coral Hills Baptist Church. “We did a virtual gathering. We did what we could, but none of it was in person.”

Fast-forward to this year’s Love Loud and the youth from churches in the Liberty Association are back in the groove of in-person serving, Woodie said.

Nineteen teams have been assembled of the 200 who registered to be part of the local mission ministry. There are several construction projects planned, including building ramps and laying concrete for a sidewalk.

Gospel projects are going on, too, Woodie said. Some are delivering Gospel to Every Home packages and other students are part of Backyard Bible Clubs. Landscape work and moving furniture out of school classrooms for maintenance workers to clean rooms is also on the agenda.

Love Loud started on Sunday night with a gathering of everybody who was participating. They had project assignments within the community for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Each night they gather for a time of devotions, preaching and celebration.

“Love Loud is just a one-off,” Woodie said. “It’s maybe not all that important in the grand scheme of things. The takeaway values I see the Lord using it for is a reminder to our churches because there’s so many represented every year. It’s a reminder that the body of Christ is bigger than one individual local church. We can do more together than we can separately. That’s one value we take away from it.

“When you are on a mission trip, your senses are heightened,” he said. “This has uniquely given people from our community a chance to see our community through a missional lens.”

Youth who have completed sixth grade through 12th grade are eligible to participate in Love Loud, Woodie said. He has been involved with the project all nine years.


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