OPINION: Moving when God speaks

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Brittany was headed to work. A counselor in the VA school systems, her path is not always a straight road. This day, she was on her way to Coeburn Middle School in her brand new Traverse. Rounding a curve at 35 mph, she slammed on the breaks. A huge deer stood in the middle of her lane and there was no way not to hit it! Everything moved in slow motion. The enormous animal was hurled into the air, flipping over the hood and down the driver’s side door. Stopped in the middle of the road and trying to regain her senses, she heard an audible voice say, “MOVE!”   

Bewildered and heart still quaking, she steered her vehicle to the side of the road. The second she was clear of the highway, a car came racing around the curve. Had she not moved, she would have been killed. She was told later that if she had been in her old car when she hit the deer, she probably wouldn’t have survived. I cried when she told me the story. 

Brittany knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God spoke to her that day in her car. He said, “Move!” with an exclamation point and she did. Her life was saved!

In the book of Matthew, Joseph is a great example of obeying the voice of God immediately. During the night, in a dream, an angel gave directions for Joseph to follow. Matthew 1:24 tells us that the next morning (not a week or month later), he obeyed. Lives depended on it! (Mary could have been stoned to death had her community found out she was unmarried and unexpectedly expecting.)

In Matthew 2:13, Joseph again received a word from the Lord and moved. Herod was going to search for the Child to kill Him! With no time to waste, Joseph got up, DURING THE NIGHT, packed up Baby Jesus and Mary and headed out of the country!  Lives depended on his obedience!

Brittany and Joseph inspire me to move when God speaks!

Every morning, I read my Bible and pray, asking God to speak to me, to direct me, to use me. But sometimes when He speaks, I get scared. I stall. I want to send it to a committee (in my head) for future review. I want to be sure it’s really Him and not the caffeine in my coffee. I want to wait but I can’t be that way!  

People cross my path every day, in spite of COVID, who need an encouraging word or to hear about the love of Jesus. I KNOW when God speaks to me, when He nudges me. In that moment, sometimes my heart begins to race; I feel my neck burn. Who knows what they are going through? They need the good news. They need words of life and I have them to share! If I will just move…lives depend on my obedience! 

Father, help me to obey when You speak! Please give me the courage to follow where You lead and share Jesus every chance I get!

That day on the curvy road in Virginia, Brittany heard God speak and obeyed. It saved her very life! She will never forget it and she will never be the same.

Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor's wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at preacherswife7@yahoo.com  


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