New evangelistic tool works perfectly for KBC campus minister

Evangelist Bill Fay gave some new tools for reaching the lost for Christ during a REACH webinar for the Kentucky Baptist Convention.
Evangelist Bill Fay gave some new tools for reaching the lost for Christ during a REACH webinar for the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

COVINGTON, Ky. (KT) – Josh Skipper was happy to add some tools to his evangelistic toolbelt.

He was like a sponge while soaking up knowledge from evangelist Bill Fay on a webinar presented by the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Skipper, a regional campus minister in northern Kentucky for the KBC, couldn’t wait to put some of the tools in his ever-growing utility belt to work. Batman should be so lucky.

He said nobody is ever so proficient at soul-winning that they can’t learn and grow. Fay’s webinar inspired and motivated him.

“He challenged us this week to share it with somebody,” Skipper said. “I’d been praying and I wanted to share this with somebody who is not a believer, trying to be faithful and try this method.”

Fay, who has witnessed to more than 10,000 since his adult conversion, spoke with clarity and confidence about ways to reach souls for Christ.

Adding to his evangelistic tool set has been nothing new for Skipper, who said the KBC’s leaders have not only encouraged him but provided ways that could lead others to Christ over the past several years.

“Todd (Gray) and Rob (Patterson) have been so great about that,” he said of the KBC’s executive director and its evangelism team leader. “We’re always called to grow and learn from other brothers in life. I look at guys like Bill Fay, Rob, Todd and (regional consultant) Andy (McDonald) and I hope to be like one of those godly men one day. I want to learn from them. Even someone who is an experienced evangelist can learn from other people.”

Skipper had completed a recent Discovery Bible Study with friends that used similar methods to Fay, including having the lost person read scripture and then engage with them.

Using the website, which was put together through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Crusade, and provided to him and others in an email from Patterson, Skipper chatted with a woman from California who was ready to give up on life.

“Early in the conversation she said she got up that morning depressed and lonely and didn’t think anybody would care if she died,” Skipper said. “She had just been crying.”

Using the chat box and some of Fay’s evangelistic methods, Skipper guided her through the steps of becoming a believer in Christ.

There are five questions, five scripture passages and then five response questions and he had gone through it all. He was ready for the moment when he asked her the defining question of if she was read to invite Jesus into her heart as both Savior and Lord.

“She took a long time to think about this question,” he said.

But eventually, she did, and it was in the affirmative tone.

“It was the longest lull, finally got back to me and said, ‘I need to pray for peace in my heart. Yes, I do need to ask Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior.’ We prayed together. She said, ‘Thank you so much Joshua. Now I am crying tears of joy.’ That was the last thing she said to me in the chat.”

Skipper said throughout the chat with her, there was a confidence he’d never experienced – described as a “God moment” by Fay.

“I’ve had a lot of times when I know that the Lord is working in somebody’s life and calling that person to Him,” Skipper said. “But early in the conversation, I had this peace. Bill talked about praying to give you the eyes to see what He is doing. I felt that at that time. I had this confidence that she is going to accept Christ today. I don’t think I’ve ever had that peace.”

Skipper was able to connect with a church and pastor in the area where she lives. He found a Southern Baptist church with a pastor who had trained at Southeastern and Southern seminaries and served as an IMB missionary. The pastor let him know that he had gotten her connect information.

“I stepped into a God moment,” Skipper said. “God is doing all this. There is so much joy in walking in obedience.”

Dr. Gray said Fay’s book, “Share Jesus Without Fear,” is one of his favorite approaches to equipping others for personal evangelism.

“The diagnostic questions are relevant today and provide a simple way to gauge a person’s interest in having a gospel conversation,” he said. “I would recommend every Kentucky Baptist pastor to train their people in a witnessing tool such as ‘Share Jesus Without Fear.’ Those who are trained in personal evangelism are much more likely to share their faith.”

To view the REACH webinar with Bill Fay click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.


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