Prayer changes things: Keep it up


Dear Pike County students,

Take heart. You’ve done a good thing. Prayer changes things, and I think you see that.

Your Prayer Locker idea may have been taken away, but the power of prayer that built that locker is still inside you.

So keep the faith.

You are making a difference by maybe introducing other students at your school to that power in prayer. If they are looking for help, you and I both know where to look.

Don’t stop praying. Before, during and after school. We serve an unstoppable God, don’t forget that. Don’t be discouraged, disappointed or defeated. You’ve already won. Those students who found a place of refuge with your Prayer Locker is proof positive. Prayer works. Keep praying. You guys know better than most that our schools need it these days. Evil is at work in schools throughout the country. Pray can change that. Keep shouting that message.

It’s tough growing up. Dysfunctional families, bullying, all that. I understand. But you’re trying to help by introducing something they can begin building on in their lives, somewhere to turn: the power of prayer. Nothing better.

When you do what’s right in God’s eyes, you can expect opposition. You’ve rattled some cages. Good for you! You should be proud, not perturbed, at how this is playing out.

But pray for your enemies too. They need them a lot as well.

I’m not sure how the Prayer Locker was so offensive since nobody was being forced to put those slips of paper in the locker, but those who aren’t of God can always find a way to fight you and they will try. Don’t worry. It just means you’re on the right track.

The Prayer Locker idea was a good one and those who complained said it was the idea of the teachers. Maybe so, I don’t know. It just means they understand the importance of prayer in the life of the student body, too. It means they’ve likely experienced the power of prayer in their own lives. Those are the kind of teachers who you can admire and respect.

They can make you take down your Prayer Locker sign, but they can’t keep you from praying. Even during school hours. Find a way. Do it silently in the halls between classes or during lunch. Ask your friends to personally confide in you with their requests. They don’t need to write a prayer concern on a piece of paper. They have you, and God.

I wish your school officials would take on the enemy, but they are the authority here so do what they say. Don’t stop praying for them either.

You have shown you are faithful to prayer. That doesn’t need any special recognition.

This will make you stronger in prayer, not weaker, in the long run. I think I know which way you’re already headed.

Keep it up. Prayer changes things. It’ll change your school too even when others try to stop it. Don’t. Stop. Praying.

And thank you for the powerful example.

MARK MAYNARD is managing editor of Kentucky Today. Reach him at


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Margaret Pittman Dunn

Thank you Mark for this story! By.all means, those praying students should be encouraged and commended. They can and should keep on praying and speaking love and caring into the hearts and minds of fellow classmates. That’s what being a believer is all about.

Monday, October 21, 2019

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