Preparing for revival


We are gearing up for revival at Fitzpatrick that starts this weekend. 

Of course, we know that the dynamic evangelist and amazing guy who will lead the music are not packing revival with them.  They are tools in the mighty Hand of a mighty God.  But before they come, we are tilling the soil and readying the ground for the gospel to be sowed.

It started with a fast.  I’m serious.  To jump start the 30 days leading up to revival, our sheep went without food for 24 hours-unless medically necessary.  When we got hungry, and we did, we prayed for God to draw us closer to Him and begin to stir the hearts of the lost in our area.  It was the very first time some of our peeps had fasted and it was AWESOME!  (You may be judging me thinking I shouldn’t talk about it but you didn’t know when it happened.  AND…we didn’t mope around during it, either.)  Let me tell you, nothing stirs the heart, belly and emotions more than being hungry!  It was a good sacrifice and showed that we were serious about revival!  I mean, don’t YOU want your neighbors to be saved, too?!

Next, we began “Who’s Your ONE?” (“Who’s Your One” is an evangelism campaign of the North American Mission Board.  Google it!)  We selected one person in our life to pray for specifically to be saved during the revival and made plans to put feet on our prayers. 

At the end of our Who’s Your One kick-off service, we wrote their names on small cards, walked up front and hung them on a cross in the center of the sanctuary.  (The cards were turned over so names could not be seen.)  The cross was covered!  It was very emotional.  We were publicly committing these people to the Lord.  Then, we began 30 days of prayer for our ONE and all read the same Scriptures in a 30-Day WYO Prayer Guide.  We were to do a kind deed for them and invite them to revival services.  I have been wooing my ONE with baked goods.  (If you have gotten anything baked from me lately it doesn’t necessarily mean you are my ONE.) 

We PRAY for our ONE.  We talk about our ONE’s to our church friends.  And it’s been…how do I describe it…very exciting!  We all have chosen a ONE.  We are all aware of our ONE and their need for a relationship with Jesus.  We are looking for ways to be kind to our ONE.  (In reality, followers of Christ are SUPPOSED to be telling people about Him and should already be turning the world upside down with the Good News!  So, now ONE doesn’t seem like too many, does it?) 

My beloved and I are hearing some awesome stories!

In further prep for our revival, we have had cottage prayer meetings.  Old school!  Six homes have welcomed members and friends of Fitzpatrick to pray together for our revival, our evangelist, guest music leader and our ONE’s and then to eat some mighty tasty snacks.  (The mini chicken salad croissants are my favorite!)

Let’s be honest, we all need revived from time to time.  Life is busy and often hard, so we need the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with fresh wind and fresh fire!  Like the mountains have yearned for much needed rain, we yearn for God to energize us with His Word and His presence!

As revival begins this Sunday, we pray for our people to be refreshed and renewed!  We pray for our ONE’s to be saved!  We can’t wait to see what God does!  He’s famous, absolutely FAMOUS, for breathing new life into people!  If you don’t believe me, just ask Adam!

Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor's wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at


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