Resolutions on sexual abuse, gambling and more at KBC annual meeting


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) -- Messengers to the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting are scheduled to consider six resolutions on Nov. 12. Topics range from sexual abuse, gambling, to soul winning and evangelism. Resolutions are recommended to the messengers by the KBC’s Committee on Resolutions.

Below is a list and overview of the resolutions:

On the Evil of Sexual Abuse

With a growing awareness of sexual abuse, some of which has occurred in churches, the resolution calls Kentucky Baptists to stand against the evil of sexual abuse and resolve ways to handle such cases properly. It encourages churches to protect the children under their watch-care and to address the seriousness of domestic violence.

The resolution gives biblical context for the opposition of sexual abuse in all its forms and implores congregations and institutions across the state to handle each sexual abuse case with care and diligence — reporting allegations immediately to civil authorities and taking every necessary measure to ensure such a situation does not happen again.

It also calls on churches to develop partnerships for aiding abuse survivors abused as well as calling for more substantive laws to protect the vulnerable.

On Gambling

Gambling is a hot topic in the Kentucky legislature. Messengers will be asked to consider a resolution to oppose gambling in all forms. The proposal is drawn from six distinct biblical principles to support its message.

The resolution urges government leaders to end state sponsorship of gambling. It also calls on church leaders to educate members on the deceptiveness of gambling and to abstain from the sin of gambling personally.

On Biblical Justice

A resolution has been included this year to clarify the Convention’s stance on biblical justice. Referencing scripture and The Baptist Faith and Message, this resolution recognizes the fine line between justice for the furtherance of the gospel and justice displayed in opposition to Christian principles and theology.

The resolution resolves that Kentucky Baptists reject ideas for social justice that go against Christian principles, but it strongly encourages addressing urgent needs, advocating for the oppressed, and striving for gospel proclamation in all circumstances.

On Moral Leadership

Local churches can strengthen local communities by promoting morality on every level. A resolution on moral leadership calls on Kentucky Baptists to use their influence to speak about the importance of morality and to model it through moral living.

The resolution includes a call for messengers to speak to their local leaders about moral leadership and call on them to pray for leaders.

On Evangelism and Soul-winning

KBC Executive Director-Treasurer Todd Gray is calling Kentucky Baptists to place a great emphasis on evangelism and soul-winning. The committee’s resolution joins Gray’s emphasis imploring pastors to lead by example in personal evangelism and to utilize evangelistic tools to share the good news.

The 2019 KBC Annual Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 12, at Immanuel Baptist Church in Lexington. The meeting begins at 8:30 a.m. (EST). The full texts of the resolutions can be found at Information on being a messenger to the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting can be found at


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