Send Relief sending supplies from Ky. for Hurricane Dorian victims


ASHLAND, Ky. (KT) – Send Relief’s Appalachian Ministry Center was a busy place on Friday afternoon. Forklifts were on the move and others were loading items on skids. This is how they roll in the face of natural disasters.

With Hurricane Dorian baring down on Florida, supplies for Southern Baptist Disaster Relief workers were being loaded onto trucks for a trip to Georgia where they will be pointed in the direction needed.

The Appalachian Ministry Center is the primary location for the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief supplies. What supplies are packed depends on the disaster that they are facing.

“We will stage these supplies down in Georgia and be on the verge of going into the state of Florida as soon as we possibly can to reach the needs of the people in Florida who are most hurting,” said AMC Director Rob Allen.

Supplies such as rolled roofing, a temporary tarp that can provide cover, food and cleaning Shockwave solutions and other similar items loaded into crisis buckets are some of what will be sent to aid those recovering from the storm. Each of the Send Relief trucks will carry enough supplies for five stops.

The supplies will be immediately needed after Hurricane Dorian makes its path through Florida. It is expected to reach landfall on Monday with winds as much as 150 mph through central Florida. The impact is expected to be devastating with wind and water damage.

Send Relief is trying to get ahead of the hurricane and into the hands of those working on the front lines of the diaster.

“We have the opportunity to respond in times of need and come alongside our Southern Baptist Disaster Relief brothers and sisters,” Allen said. “Southern Baptist Disaster Relief has been known for many years to be one of the first ones on the ground to respond after a disaster.”

The crisis buckets have cleaning supplies that are necessary after flooding damage, Allen said.

He also said they include gospel tracts, one of the most important items in the bucket.

“We want to meet the needs of individuals hit by the storm that’s coming,” Allen said. “As we meet those needs, we want to be able to forge long-term relationships that lead to gospel conversations and seeing individual lives changed because of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Bill Johnson, who has worked with Kentucky Disaster Relief for years, said the materials that are being packed and sent will help get victims through the initial trauma until others can come and assist.

“What Disaster Relief’s functionality is to go in and do what we can do to make the homeowner safe and make the property safe for someone to go in and work on it later. We want to make it a safe environment.”

Send Relief will be sending out trucks on Sunday. Disaster Relief teams from several states, including Kentucky, are on high alert.

Allen said often those in Appalachia are more accustomed to receiving than giving. But with the Send Relief AMC, those in northeastern Kentucky can meet needs across the United States.

“I’m just so incredibly thankful for churches and members of those churches who want to be involved in Send Relief and sending relief in times of need,” he said.


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