Trying to figure out the NFL Draft


The NFL Draft has intrigued me for years.  (It’s an annual event at the Reed household.)  Unsure of the Corona effect, I was elated when it was announced they would still have a draft, albeit virtually.

Everyone in football strives to be number one.  Not number two, or number three or the one in last place.  No player ever goes out on the field saying, “Come on boys, let’s see how badly we can lose this game!”  No way, Jose.  The goal is to win, to be the best, to show everybody how great the team is, how great you are.

And so they work, they work out.  They practice and practice.  In the sun, the rain and the snow.  When they’re feeling it and when they are not.  To be the best:  Number one.

Through elementary school, high school and college, they press on, not just for today but in the future.  They dream of being chosen in the first round of the NFL Draft!  In the secret place in their hearts, to be the NUMBER ONE DRAFT PICK!

Don’t hate me, but I don’t pay much attention to college football until Heisman Trophy time (another annual event in our home).  I love learning about the Heisman candidates and hearing their stories.  This year I discovered a great deal about Joe Burrow, quarterback for LSU.  I found out that he had started at Ohio State but then moved far away from home to join the LSU Tigers his junior year.  As a senior, Burrow stepped up and if you watch his game clips, you will see his phenomenal talent.  He won the Heisman and was a sure guess to be the number one draft pick in 2020.

Here’s what really amazes me about the NFL Draft:  the number one pick (arguably the very best college player in the country) goes to the very worst team of al l- in a sense, the biggest losers.

If you are a guy, you’ve probably known this since you were in kindergarten, but I only realized it a few years ago.  I was stunned and still am.

How do you push yourself your whole life, through rain, sleet and snow to be number one, and then your super great prize is to go to the team in LAST PLACE?

The number one draft pick appears to be a savior, of sorts, to the team in the most desperate need.  He is their hope to rise from the ashes of defeat.  He is their plan for a new and victorious future. It’s a lot to ponder.

Thousands of years ago, Jesus left His home in heaven and travelled far away.  He received no awards, no prestigious trophies.  He pressed on through good and bad days, suffering greatly before His death.

The True Number One came to the real biggest losers  -mankind - to give us hope and a victorious future.  His Father said as much in a Jeremiah 29:11 press release many years before: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

The Cincinnati Bengals put their hope in Joe Burrow (plus their other players) for victory?  Who are you putting your hope in?

Dawn Reed is a newspaper columnist and pastor's wife in Prestonsburg. Reach her at             


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