Letter to the Editor

What taking a knee means


I  read an article in Kentucky Today about University of Kentucky players and staff taking a knee during the national anthem prior to their win over the Florida Gators. My retired-pastor friend and I discussed having to give up sports in addition to biased news media and big tech.

What does taking a knee mean to these UK players and staff?

When I kneel, privately or publicly, I am humbly confessing my unworthy condition before God and showing honor to my Lord Jesus Christ.  I am thanking Him for His blessings and making my requests known to Him.  To me, kneeling to anyone or anything else is totally misguided.

I think the incidents at the US Capital earlier this week and the pockets of unrest during the past few months are things we are against. We should condemn all the violence that broke our hearts and divided our country this past year. I will continue to kneel and pray for our country, that we will turn to God and  He will heal our land.

I am thankful that all Americans, including our athletes and coaches, still have the freedom to express our opinions.

Gene Harston
Bowling Green


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